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Child poverty campaign comes west
Poor children in the UK
A million children are said to suffer from poor living conditions
A campaign highlighting the plight of children living in poor conditions comes to the Forest of Dean on Monday.

The Million Children Campaign was launched by the housing charity Shelter last spring.

A delegation, which includes government adviser Lord Haskins, TV presenter Gail Porter and journalist Fiona Millar, will look at rural housing issues.

They will hear evidence from health workers, teachers and politicians, as well as families living in poverty.

Million children

The charity says more than a million children in Britain suffer "devastating" health and education problems because they live in crowded, unfit or emergency accommodation.

It plans to lobby the government to end bad housing for the next generation.

Ben Jackson, Shelter's Director of Campaigns, said the problems of the Forest of Dean were typical of those faced in the South West.

"The area has seen some of the biggest house price rises, a lack of affordable housing and the sell-off of council housing," he said.

He added that the eclectic mix of delegates was aimed at taking the investigation away from people in the housing trade.

"We want a mixture of expertise - Lord Haskins knows about rural affairs, Gail Porter is a mother - to act as a sounding board, to hear what people with housing problems have to say."

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