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Rare bike goes under the hammer
Dursley-Pedersen bicycle image courtesy of Mads Rasmussen
Around 30,000 bicycles were made in Dursley between 1894 and 1914
An unusual type of bicycle made in Gloucestershire in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries will be auctioned on Wednesday.

The bicycle was designed by the Danish engineer, Mikael Pederson, in 1886 and made by Lister Petter of Dursley.

The model, being auctioned in Wotton-under-Edge belonged to the widow of a local man.

It was made in 1905 and had been hanging in a barn for 50 years. No reserve price has been put on the lot.

The bicycle was notable for its lightness - weighing only 19 pounds - and its strength.

It had a cantilever design with a hammock seat instead of a leather saddle.

Around 30,000 of the machines were produced in a workshop belonging to Lister Petter between 1894 and 1914.

After World War II Pederson returned to Denmark. He later died there in 1929.

In 1995 his body was brought to Dursley from Denmark and re-interred in the town's cemetery.

A century ago, a 1905 model retailed for 16/6 (16.30).

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