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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 March, 2004, 06:14 GMT
Scientists to advise government
Kathy Sykes
Professor Sykes presents the BBC's Rough Science programme
Two Bristol scientists have been invited to join a top-level government advisory panel.

Professor Sir John Beringer and Professor Kathy Sykes of Bristol University have been asked to join the Council for Science and Technology.

The Council advises the government on matters of science, education and research.

"This is an excellent opportunity to influence the government's strategy for science," said Professor Beringer.

Professor Sykes, a BBC TV presenter and physicist, said: 'I'm thrilled to be appointed on to this advisory group and really hope we'll help to get politicians, scientists and the public listening better to each other.

"Many issues that we face in society involve science, whether to commercialise GM crops, use MMR vaccinations, or how we meet tomorrow's energy needs without destroying the environment."

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