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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 January, 2004, 19:52 GMT
Wild boar spotted in supermarket
Wild boar
People are warned not to approach the boar
A wild boar is on the loose in a Gloucestershire town after being spotted wandering into a supermarket.

The animal, about the same size as a labrador dog, was spotted trotting along the road in Cinderford at about 0900 GMT on Wednesday.

Police are warning people not to approach the boar, which does not have tusks but could become distressed if cornered.

It is thought to have dashed along Station Road and Dockham Road, knocking over an elderly lady, before entering the Co-op store, then running off when it encountered shop staff.

The boar was then seen scampering along Bellevue Road and St Whites Road and into some nearby woods.

A number of wild boar are believed to live in the Forest of Dean.

Anyone who sees the animal is asked to contact the police.

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