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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 September, 2003, 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK
Memorial to MP's aide unveiled
Andrew Pennington
Mr Pennington was awarded the George Medal for his bravery
A memorial to Andrew Pennington, the MP's aide killed in a Samurai sword attack at a constituency surgery, has been unveiled in Cheltenham.

Gloucestershire county councillor Mr Pennington died in January 2000 after being stabbed six times as he tried to protect the town's MP Nigel Jones from visitor Robert Ashman.

Now a room dedicated to his memory is being opened at a community centre in the area he represented.

His friends and colleagues marked the occasion with a special ceremony, and called for him to be remembered not for the manner of his death, but for the work he did during his life.

The Andrew Pennington Room is part of the Hesters Way Neighbourhood Resource Centre, which Mr Pennington helped to set up but did not live to see.

Bernice Thompson, of the Neighbourhood Project, said: "Andrew's commitment to the area was something we always respected during his life and something we wanted to note after his death.

His legacy to the town is a very considerable one - this centre is part of that and will benefit the community
Reverend Jeremy Whales
"We felt Andrew would not have wanted a major fuss as he wasn't that sort of person, but we thought we could dedicate a room to him so he is never forgotten.

"We also wanted to make sure he is remembered for his life and what he did for the Hesters Way community, not just for the way he died."

Mr Pennington's friend and former council colleague, the Reverend Jeremy Whales said: "He would have been very proud of this.

"His legacy to the town is a very considerable one and this is part of that legacy for good, for the benefit of the community and everyone who uses the centre."

Earlier this year Mr Pennington was posthumously awarded the George Medal for bravery, for saving Mr Jones's life.

Last week Robert Ashman was ordered to be detained indefinitely at a secure unit after being found guilty of the attempted murder of Mr Jones and admitting the manslaughter of Mr Pennington.

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