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Glamour photographer 'raped models'
Dean Coles
Mr Coles denies all the charges

A glamour photographer raped and indecently assaulted aspiring models during photo shoots at his family home, a court has been told.

Dean Coles, 40, is charged with raping two women - including a 16-year-old girl - at the modelling agency he ran from his home in Gloucestershire.

He is also accused of attempting to rape two other women and indecently assaulting four more over a five year period.

Mr Coles denies all the charges.

He would request sexual favours or would simply proceed to touch the women inappropriately
Neil Ford QC

Opening the case at Bristol Crown Court, Neil Ford QC told how Mr Coles ran the Cotswold Models Agency, first from family premises in Stroud.

Later he ran the business from his home in nearby Rodborough where he lived with his wife and children.

He said the agency was listed in the Yellow Pages as doing advertising, promotional and hospitality work, attracting calls from women wanting to start or further a career in modelling.

In fact Mr Coles - who told police he had started the business for his wife as a hobby - was interested in glamour or soft pornography work, the prosecutor added.

Sexual favours

Mr Ford said: "The defendant was undoubtedly skilful - the prosecution say - at persuading or encouraging these woman into progressively more revealing poses."

He said some of the women were prepared to have topless or nude photos taken, while others were persuaded or bullied into the poses.

"Having established a rapport with them he would proposition them during the photographic shoot.

"He would request sexual favours or would simply proceed to touch the women inappropriately.

Nude photos

"He would not take no for an answer and by force or by mental domination and bullying we say he raped and attempted to rape and indecently assaulted the women who are the subject of the counts on the indictment."

Mr Ford claimed Mr Coles told one women she would have to sleep with him to succeed in modelling.

The prosecution allege Mr Coles persuaded a 16-year-old - who was interested in fashion show work - to have explicit nude photos taken and then offered her money in return for sex.

Mr Ford said the girl told him she was not interested but she was then allegedly overpowered by the photographer.

"Whilst holding her down the prosecution say he raped her on his matrimonial bed," he added.

She can have photos taken - it does not mean that she is game on or easy or immoral
Neil Ford QC

Mr Coles used the bedroom as a studio and several of the alleged attacks took place in the room, the prosecutor claimed.

Mr Ford said: "It is not a crime to be sleazy. It is not a crime to have consensual sexual contact with women even though you are a married man and the sexual contact is taking place in your home - indeed on your bed."

But he added: "Because a woman consents to intimate pictures in the hope of developing a career and making money it does not mean that she will willingly participate in sexual acts with her agent or photographer.

"She can have photos taken - it does not mean that she is game on or easy or immoral."

Mr Ford said the issue for the jury was to decide whether the sexual contact had taken place and if so whether it had been consensual.

He said the prosecution understood that Mr Coles would say that in some of the cases there was no sexual contact at all and in others where there was, the women were willing parties.

The trial continues.

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