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Last Updated: Monday, 23 June, 2003, 18:58 GMT 19:58 UK
Police pay price of war in Iraq
B-52 bomber at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire
B-52s flew more than 100 missions from Fairford during the war
The cost of policing RAF Fairford during the Gulf war has been revealed as 3m.

Gloucestershire Constabulary's chief constable, Tim Brain, says it was the largest operation ever undertaken by his force, which lasted from January to spring.

The NATO-designated forward base for US warplanes was home to 14 US B-52 bombers during the Iraq war.

Peace protesters set up camp from February onwards, with many arrested over the course of the conflict for various offences.

Most of the 3m will come from the Home Office, but the county force will have to find 375,000 from its own reserves.

In March, the government awarded Gloucestershire Police a grant of 250,000 to help with the extra policing costs.

Armed patrols and officers from other forces around the UK had all been brought in to police the base.

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