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Models lured by rapist photographer
Yellow Pages advert for the Cotswold Model Agency
The advert lured unsuspecting models to Coles' home
Dean Coles posed as a respectable photographer - advertising in the yellow pages - to lure victims to his studio.

He ran the Cotswold Models Agency from his home in Rodborough, Gloucestershire, and claimed to specialise in advertising, promotional and hospitality work.

Many of his young victims had dreamed of a career in modelling since their teens, and his advert seemed to offer the perfect opportunity.

An application form asking details of everything from vital statistics to glove size hinted at the chance of jobs on catalogues and fashion shows.

Suggestive remarks

But once wannabe models arrived inside his studio, Coles' professional manner changed, and he pleaded, cajoled and bullied them into stripping off.

Dean Coles
Dean Coles was found guilty of sexually assaulting women

As they posed, the married father's attitude changed - and he began to make suggestive remarks as well as touching, fondling and kissing them.

And when one of his young clients refused his demands for sex, he raped her on his matrimonial bed.

Coles, a 40-year-old former builder, claimed he had simply flirted with his victims to ensure he got better pictures of them.

But his actions left many of his victims mentally scarred.

'No remorse'

And he continued to torment them even after he had been charged, sacking three legal teams in an attempt to postpone the inevitable court case.

His actions were condemned by the police who investigated the complaints against him.

Chief Inspector Steve Radcliffe, from Gloucestershire Police, said: "Coles has shown no remorse whatsoever for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on his victims.

"He has forced them to relive their experiences and made slanderous accusations about their character during the course of this trial.

"I hope now that everyone involved with the case can move on with their lives safe in the knowledge that a serial sex offender has been brought to justice."

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