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Commuter with hands up was shot

Adam Mapleson
Mr Mapleson recalls sliding to the floor and feeling his chest damp with blood

A commuter was shot by a robber while standing with his hands up at an Essex railway station, Chelmsford Crown Court has heard.

Adam Mapleson, 26, of Rayleigh, told jurors he tried to help a security guard at Rayleigh station in May 2007.

He said he saw a robber running and body-checked him. He saw a gun and put his arms up but the robber opened fire.

Three men are accused of conspiring to commit seven robberies in London and Essex in 2006 and 2008.

Terry Smith, 49, of Canvey Island, Essex, his brother Len Smith, 50, of Dagenham, Essex, and Brian Wall, 61, also from Dagenham, deny conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to rob.

Wall also denies attempting to murder Mr Mapleson, robbery and possession of a firearm with intent to rob.

Crime writer among accused

Mr Mapleson told jurors that he was on his way to catch a train at about 0700 GMT when he saw a female security guard looking "distraught" and a man with a cash box in his hand running.

"I pretty much body-checked him," Mr Mapleson said. The robber fell and then stood up pointing a black handgun, the court heard.

"I took a step backwards," said Mr Mapleson. "I held my arms out with my palms up."

He remembered falling back against the wall, sliding to the floor and feeling his chest damp with blood.

Jurors were told the bullet had ricocheted off Mr Mapleson's collarbone and still remained lodged near his shoulder blade.

Mr Mapleson said he remembered being surrounded by doctors and waking up in an intensive care unit.

Jurors have been told that Terry Smith was a crime writer who had written a book called The Art Of Armed Robbery.

The hearing continues.

Adam Mapleson said he was petrified

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