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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 March 2008, 14:52 GMT
Sat-nav dog collar to stop thefts
The sat-nav dog collar
The lockable collar is made of anti-cut material
A sat-nav dog collar designed to thwart pet thieves has gone on show to thousands of people attending Crufts.

The lockable collar, made of anti-cut material, uses three tracking devices - satellite, telecom and radio frequency - to locate a dog's position.

The collar, designed by a banker from Harlow, Essex, sends a text message to the owner if their dog goes outside pre-set boundaries, such as a garden.

The owner can then log onto a website to pinpoint their dog's whereabouts.

It is the first pet tracking system to be integrated into a collar, according to its makers Retrieva.

'Traumatic experience'

Andrew Stuart, who designed the collar, said: "Dog theft is out there but it's not high on the list of police priorities, for obvious reasons.

"But for owners or families, if a dog gets lost it really is a traumatic experience." The collar is due to go on sale in July for about 200, plus a monthly fee.

Thousands of dog lovers and their pets have gathered for the start of the world's largest dog show in Birmingham, with almost 23,000 dogs, including 1,165 from overseas, expected to take part in the four-day event.

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