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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 September 2007, 10:34 GMT 11:34 UK
Wind farm decision is overruled
Wind turbine
The wind turbines would power up to 10,600 homes
The go-ahead has been given to the development of a wind farm in Essex despite the scheme being rejected by council planners.

Possible impact on the local landscape led to a decision by Maldon District Council to block plans for 10 turbines in Bradwell-on-Sea in July last year.

The decision has been overruled following a public inquiry by a government planning inspector.

Developer Npower Renewables said the scheme could power up to 10,600 homes.

A three-week public inquiry into the development, which will see turbines constructed in an area of land at Hockley Farm, south of Bradwell-on-Sea, was held in June.

'Very daunting'

Cath Stevenson, of Npower Renewables, said: "The very detailed evidence put forward during the public inquiry has shown that this is an ideal location for a modern wind farm which will produce clean renewable energy into the local electricity network."

In July 2006, Maldon District Council refused planning permission because of "the considerable impact it would have on the special nature of the open and undeveloped landscape around the site, including the effect on the setting of the Chapel at St Peters-on-the-wall."

Richard Dewick, of Maldon District Council, who lives a mile from the proposed site, told BBC News: "These turbines are just about the 400ft mark and the fact that they move, they will be very, very daunting.

"The majority of Bradwell village is not much over half-a-mile from the wind farm itself and it will have a huge impact on the residents in most villages, most of whom will probably be able to see it."


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