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Last Updated: Monday, 5 March 2007, 14:36 GMT
Pair jailed for firebomb attacks
Two men who carried out firebomb attacks on the homes of police officers and their families have been jailed.

Angelo DeBono, 31, and Jason Eagles, 22, both from Clacton, Essex, were found guilty of two counts of arson with intent to endanger life.

Sgt Martin Brough and Det Insp Michael Ornellas and their families escaped from their Clacton homes last January.

Judge Mr Justice Goldring said DeBono should serve the equivalent of 17 years for the attacks and Eagles 13 years.

Drugs operation

Both may be considered for parole after serving half their sentences, he said.

The judge at Ipswich Crown Court handed both men indeterminate prison sentences for the public's protection.

Mr Ornellas and Mr Brough were targeted because of their involvement in a police drugs operation, the court heard on Monday.

Prosecutor Peter Lodder QC said Det Insp Ornellas and Sgt Brough and their families were asleep in their homes in Clacton when they heard the sound of windows being smashed.

Both discovered a fire around the front door, he said.

Det Insp Ornellas, his wife and their three sons aged, 25, 20 and 15, were trapped by the fire, the court heard.

Mr Lodder said Det Insp Ornellas grabbed some damp towels and used them to smother the flames.

The court heard that six minutes after the fire service was called to the Ornellas's home, they received another call to go the Brough's home, a three minute drive away.

Sgt Brough was there with his wife, their 22-month-old son and two-day-old baby daughter, who was spending her first night at home.

The court heard that no-one in the Ornellas or the Brough homes suffered significant injuries in the attacks.

A third man, Jamie Brett, 20, also of Clacton, was cleared of all charges in connection with the attacks.


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