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Jail term for digger damage man
Damage caused by digger
Taylor demolished the bungalow in a "frenzy of destruction"
A 53-year-old man who drove a digger into his landlord's house in a row over money has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Robert Taylor admitted destroying the house in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex, and being reckless as to whether life was endangered in June this year.

He also pleaded guilty to destroying vehicles and assaulting a policeman.

Taylor, from Bradwell-on-Sea, thought he had been "ripped off" and "lost it", Chelmsford Crown Court was told.

'Ripped off'

The demolished bungalow was owned by James Harvard, 52, and Janice Gledhill, 57, who also owned a nearby caravan park.

Taylor lived in a caravan on the park.

He hired the digger and stopped to buy a sandwich and newspaper as he drove it to the bungalow.

Robert Taylor
It is estimated Taylor caused 300,000 worth of damage

Ms Gledhill saw him arrive and called the police.

But Taylor continued his "frenzy of destruction", the court heard.

Taylor admitted destroying a Chrysler Crossfire belonging to Ms Gledhill, destroying a Chrysler C300 belonging to Mr Harvard, damaging a Ford Focus police car and assaulting Pc Martyn Leggett.

Pc Leggett, 24, who was assaulted as he climbed on to the digger to try to stop Taylor, said afterwards: "I have never seen anything like it in my life."

It is estimated that he caused more than 300,000 of damage.

Some of the damage caused by the digger


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