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Concerns over care home expressed
Injured man at Oakley care home
Lorenzo Paolillo, 83, was injured in three falls, councillors heard
Complaints about the quality of care in residential homes sold off by Essex County Council have been expressed by some residents' relatives and staff.

Details of care levels and staffing at 10 Excelcare homes bought in March 2005 were heard at a public meeting.

Council and company officials in Chelmsford heard about alleged poor standards at Oakeley Lodge care home.

Excelcare said the concerns were a minority viewpoint and there was no cause for alarm.

The meeting heard that one resident, Lorenzo Paolillo, who stayed at Oakeley Lodge for three days, was left severely bruised after hurting himself in three separate falls.

'Strictly monitored'

The resident's son, Danny Paolillo, said: "He walked in a sprightly 83-year-old and came out looking as if he'd done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. I was absolutely destroyed."

Excelcare did not respond to details of Mr Paolillo's case in particular.

Some complainants said that staffing levels had been cut back and residents were not monitored. They also said broken equipment was left unrepaired.

Essex county councillor Sarah Candy said recent inspections at all 10 homes had found nothing untoward.

"Eight of them they classed as good and two as adequate," she said.

She added that the council was aware of some, but not all, of the relatives' concerns.

Excelcare said in a statement: "Our homes are adequately staffed. There's no cause for alarm. What was said on Wednesday was a minority viewpoint from some staff in just a few homes. We are strictly monitored."

Injured man stayed in care three days

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