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Last Updated: Friday, 5 May 2006, 03:37 GMT 04:37 UK
Tories fail to take Colchester
The Conservatives have failed in their bid to take control of Colchester Borough Council despite making gains.

The council remains under no overall control. The Tories gained two seats at the expense of one independent and one Lib Dem.

Colchester was one of the councils being targeted by the Conservative Party in this election.

The new council is made up of 30 Conservatives, 21 Lib Dems, seven Labour members and two independents.

Lib Dem losses

Conservatives remained in control of Basildon where they took three seats from Labour.

The Tories retained control of Brentwood with the Liberal Democrats losing six and the Conservatives gaining six.

The Conservatives also held Castle Point, Thurrock, Rochford and Southend councils.

But there was bad news for the Tories in Southend, where their leader Anna Waite lost her seat.

The British National Party gained three seats in Epping Forest District Council from Labour. The council stayed without any party having overall control.

Harlow stayed with no party with overall control.

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