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Last Updated: Monday, 3 April 2006, 20:20 GMT 21:20 UK
Bomb squad called to ex-MP's home
Former MP Gerry Hayes
The security alert happened near the home of former MP Gerry Hayes
A bomb disposal unit and armed police were called to a village in Essex because of fears of a bomb threat near a former Tory minister's home.

The security alert saw 30 people evacuated from their homes in the village of Wendens Ambo, near Saffron Walden, on Monday at about 1500 BST.

Police searched the area near the home of Gerry Hayes.

Essex Police later said "nothing untoward" had been found and police were stood down at 2000 BST.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence confirmed that a bomb disposal unit had been sent to the scene at about 1630 BST after a request from Essex Police.

Alexander Moffatt, a neighbour of Mr Hayes, said houses within 120 yards (109 metres) of Mr Hayes' home have been evacuated.

Many of the villagers were evacuated to The Bell pub in Royston Road in the village.

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