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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006, 14:18 GMT 15:18 UK
Walker bitten fending off snake
Adder (picture by the Herpetological Conservation Trust)
The snake was picked up by the walker's dog
A dog owner who was bitten by a snake during a morning walk did not seek treatment until he collapsed at home.

Paramedics were called to the man's house in Canvey Island, Essex, at lunchtime.

He was taken to Southend Hospital for treatment after his condition had been stablised at the scene, said an Essex Ambulance Service spokesman.

It it believed the 29-year-old was bitten after his dog picked up an adder.

Emergency care practitioner Deena Duce said: "The man tried to get it away from his dog and was bitten by the snake in the process.

"He went home and it wasn't until this afternoon, when he stood up and then collapsed, that an ambulance was called.

"He was briefly unconscious, and his left arm and hand were very swollen and painful."

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