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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2005, 15:28 GMT 16:28 UK
Bank sorry for 'insult' cash card
A high street bank has said sorry to a customer after sending him a debit card containing the words "Dick Head".

NatWest said it had launched an inquiry after Chris Lancaster, 18, of Tiptree, Essex, received a cash card with the wording: "Mr C Lancaster Dick Head".

A NatWest spokesperson said on Wednesday: "We have apologised unreservedly to Mr Lancaster."

The spokesperson added: "This is completely unacceptable and we have launched an investigation."

The Solo card was a replacement for one Mr Lancaster had lost.

He said he saw the insulting words as he was about to hand over his new card to pay for goods in a supermarket and was so embarrassed he put the card back in his wallet.

As well as apologising, he said NatWest had promised to pay him compensation.

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