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Marconi archives may return home
Guglielmo Marconi at work
The collection marks the achievement of Guglielmo Marconi
Parts of the Marconi Collection may be set to be brought back from Oxford to Chelmsford, the radio pioneer's home.

The bulk of the collection is the equipment and apparatus that Guglielmo Marconi used to transmit and receive voice signals by wireless.

Chelmsford councillor Christopher Kingsley and the Marconi Veterans' Association are calling for more to be done to celebrate the pioneer's life.

They want to mark the town's links with the so-called 'father of radio'.

Last December, 250 artefacts from the early days of radio were moved to the University of Oxford, so that they could be put on display at the museum of science.

Talks are now under way to bring some of them back.

Items in Oxford include the apparatus used in the first transatlantic wireless transmission of 1901.

There is a wealth of historical documents including telegrams sent during the Titanic disaster of 1912.

The subsequent Board of Enquiry endorsed the recommendations of Guglielmo Marconi, to imrpove safety at sea and save countless lives.

Other items relate to the birth of broadcasting, such as the microphone used by the legendary Australian diva, Dame Nellie Melba to broadcast the world's first live recital in 1920.

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