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Last Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005, 19:53 GMT
Police motorbike patrols are back
Essex police motorcyclist
More police bikes will be seen on Essex roads
A police force plans to bring back motorcycle patrols after they were abolished six years ago.

In 1999 Essex police got rid of its motorcycle patrols to save money but now more motorcyclists die in Essex than anywhere else in the region.

Last year, 29 were killed and so far this year 16 bikers have died.

A report by Chief Constable Roger Baker said forces that reinstated motorcycle patrols saw casualties drop and he wanted to save lives.

The county's police authority voted to bring police bikes back on Monday.

Preventing loss of life

The force now plans to spend 72,000 on six new motorbikes in a bid to make roads safer.

Robert Chambers, chairman of the police authority, said: "This is about the power of the mere presence of the motorcycle patrols.

"When a biker is riding at 90mph on the A12 and they see a police car they believe it won't catch them but a motorcycle patrol officer will.

"So I say to them beware because we're looking out for you and if you break the law we'll catch you now."

Chief Constable Baker said: "A key part of police work is preventing loss of life and serious injury and if we can do this with motorcycle patrols then the expenditure is well worthwhile."

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