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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 April, 2005, 21:05 GMT 22:05 UK
Roman bathhouse uncovered on dig
The remains of a Roman bathhouse have been uncovered in England's oldest recorded town.

The piece of history under Colchester Sixth Form College was found by Essex archaeologists who said it was very unusual and well-preserved.

The tiled floor of the bathhouse is still intact as is a wooden pipe which fed water from an underground stream which is still active.

A few weeks ago the remains of a Roman circus were found during the dig.

Ben Holloway, of Colchester Archaeological Trust, said they were surprised to find the bathhouse.

"We had expected to find a cellar or something and we got a bathhouse instead - which is pretty unusual," he said.

"The wooden pipe is rare because it is intact and in situ. Wood does not normally survive very well."




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