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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 April, 2005, 18:33 GMT 19:33 UK
Ryanair and BAA settle fuel row
Budget airline Ryanair and airports operator BAA have ended their legal row over fuel charges at Stansted airport.

The two sides have agreed an out-of-court settlement, halting legal moves that followed Ryanair's refusal to pay 1m in landing fees.

The refusal was a protest at fuel charges, which the airline claimed it was being forced to pay unfairly.

The dispute centred on a levy introduced to recoup 12.5m spent on a fuel hydrant system built in 1991.

In July last year the two sides exchanged writs as the dispute escalated.

Ryanair had claimed the money has already been recovered by BAA but that the fuel levy was still being imposed.

In a statement on Wednesday Ryanair said it had paid BAA the money it had withheld because of the row.

For its part, BAA has withdrawn a claim that Ryanair breached its contract at Stansted.

The settlement means BAA will cut its charge on each litre of fuel from 0.68p to 0.412p - a move that Ryanair believes will save it more than 1m a year.

The Irish airline said the agreement would last until the next regulatory review begins in April 2008.


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