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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 October, 2004, 05:55 GMT 06:55 UK
Fundraiser crashes Penny Farthing
12/10/2004 Press Association Handout of Lloyd Scott preparing for his latest gruelling challenge - cycling 2,700 miles across Australia on a Penny Farthing,
Lloyd Scott is wearing tweeds and a deerstalker hat on his ride
A charity fundraiser who completed the slowest ever London Marathon in an antique diving suit has come crashing to a halt in his latest venture.

Lloyd Scott, 42, planned to cross the 2,700 miles from Perth to Sydney on a Penny Farthing but crashed the bike into a pothole 10 days into the trip.

Mr Scott, from Rainham, Essex, who began his journey on 13 October, put the accident down to bad luck.

He will continue using two larger Penny Farthings while his bike is repaired.

The journey across mountain ranges and desert plains aims to raise 1.5m for the charity Children With Leukaemia.

Mr Scott, a father of three who had the disease himself in the 1980s, has suffered a series of mishaps since setting off, including being attacked by magpies and being stopped by the police.

Lloyd Scott at the New York Marathon
He has also completed the New York marathon in the 58kg suit
Although not seriously injured in the latest mishap, Mr Scott said: "This makes me realise just how vulnerable I am out here.

"It was a shock, but after cycling over 100 kilometres a day it's nothing more than hitting a pothole at the wrong speed and angle - simply bad luck."

Mr Scott's previous fundraising adventures include the world's first underwater marathon in an antique diving suit, walking 26 miles under Loch Ness.

He has also completed the 2002 London marathon in the slowest ever time of five days and eight and a half hours.

Marathon man's Ness triumph
09 Oct 03  |  Scotland

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