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Deep-sea diver's tower challenge
Lloyd Scott at the BT tower
There are 900 steps leading to the top of the BT tower
A fundraiser who completed the London Marathon in a deep-sea diving suit has pulled on the outfit again to climb the stairwell of a 625ft tower.

Lloyd Scott, from Rainham, Essex, set off up the narrow staircase of the BT tower in central London wearing the 130lb outfit on Thursday.

He was asked to take up the challenge to raise money for Sport Relief.

Mr Scott, 42, who reached the top in one hour and 34 minutes, said: "I am never one to duck a challenge."

The 1940s suit he was wearing includes a 40lb copper helmet, lead boots weighing 23lbs each and two diving weights totalling 30lb.

He admitted it was hard work hauling the weight up 900 numbered steps to the top of the BT building.

"I was puffing and sweating quite a lot and the old helmet clanged quite a lot on the ceiling. But I managed to claw my way up," he said.

Sponsored steps

"It's probably the most intense hour-and-a-half that I have ever had. I have done some pretty intense things but nothing as intense as dragging that suit up those stairs - but at least we have raised some money for Sport Relief."

The BT tower was chosen for the challenge as it will be the headquarters for Sport Relief's call centre operations during its charity fundraising evening on Saturday.

The charity raises money for sports in deprived communities across the UK as well as for children living in poverty abroad.

Mr Scott admitted before his ascent he was nervous about going up the narrow, claustrophobic staircase.

But the former Leyton Orient, Watford and Blackpool football player reached the summit, collecting 1 from BT for each step he climbed as well as other sponsorship money.

He has already worn the suit during the London and New York marathons and while walking underwater at Loch Ness.

Marathon man's Ness triumph
09 Oct 03  |  Scotland



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