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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 September, 2004, 13:15 GMT 14:15 UK
Father's Arch to Arc triumph
Ivan Newman
Ivan ran, swam and cycled to Paris. Picture: Surface To Air Pictures
An Essex father is triumphant after running, swimming and cycling 289 miles from London to Paris.

Ivan Newman, 51, of Chelmsford, took on the challenge to raise awareness of life-threatening allergies.

His daughter Liz, 22, of Canterbury, Kent, suffers from anaphylaxis - a severe form of allergy.

Mr Newman set off for the Arc de Triomphe from Marble Arch on the triathlon and arrived in Paris 99 hours and 30 minutes.

He ran 87 miles from London to Dover, swam 22 miles to Calais and cycled 130 miles to Paris.

Adrenalin injection

His daughter Liz suffers an anaphylactic shock - difficulty in swallowing or speaking, a fall in blood pressure and unconsciousness - if she consumes most fruit and vegetables, nuts, some spices and grains.

The Classics and Archaeology graduate, who developed the condition in 1999, is treated with an adrenalin injection when she goes into shock.

Mr Newman, who began training for the challenge in February, hoped the triathlon would promote awareness and end the ignorance surrounding the condition.

Father's Arch to Arc challenge
28 Aug 04  |  Essex

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