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Legionnaire's case at hospital
Legionella bacteria: Courtesy of the Science Photo Library
Legionnaire's disease is a rare form of pneumonia
A patient in a hospital in Essex has contracted Legionnaire's disease.

The rare form of pneumonia was confirmed a week ago, the Basildon and Thurrock NHS Trust said on Thursday.

Earlier this year the Trust was fined for failing to control a bug which can cause Legionnaire's disease, after the death of a patient in 2002.

At the time, the Trust carried out 300,000 of work to the hot water systems in the building, which can harbour the bacteria.

But following the diagnosis of this new case at Basildon Hospital, tests revealed the problem has returned.

Patients with suspected pneumonia are being tested for the bacteria, and work is being done to get rid of the contamination.

Legionnaires' victims go home
10 Oct 02  |  England

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