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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 January, 2004, 06:32 GMT
Assault fear halts camera plan
Hatfield Peverel sign
Villagers were said to support plans for a mobile speed camera
Villagers in Essex have had their request for a hand-held speed camera refused because of fears they could be attacked by motorists.

Residents in Hatfield Peverel are worried about traffic speeds in the village and asked Essex Police if they could use a camera.

But the police said it was too dangerous as its own officers had been assaulted while using the cameras.

Officers have advised the people of Hatfield Peverel, near the A12, to drop the idea.

Plenty of support

Brian Ladd, of Essex Police, said they wanted to protect the people and ensure they were not putting themselves at risk.

"It could end in a serious assault or just a push and shove, but we don't want to see people get into that situation," he said.

However, Essex County councillor Keith Bigden, who lives in the village, said there was a lot of support for the scheme from people who were prepared to take the risk.

"There would be two people at a time working the camera and I don't think many motorists are going to stop to argue when there are two people there," he said.

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