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Baby baboons make history
Sereba the baboon holds her new born baby, one of two born at Colchester Zoo
The baboons have yet to be named
A pair of rare baby baboons are attracting crowds of visitors at Colchester Zoo in Essex.

They are the first Gelada baboons to be born in captivity in the UK.

One was born at the zoo in November, the other last month.

Zoo staff have still not named the babies because they are uncertain of their sex.

But officials hope their birth will help maintain the threatened species which are native to Ethopia.

The pair have separate mothers, Mena and Sereba, but share a father, Junior.

A zoo spokesman said: "They are both doing really well.

"They are really lively and proving a popular attraction.


He said they were waiting to see how their mothers held the baby baboons so that they could work out what sex they were.

"We have the only colony of Gelada baboons in England - we have nine.

"These are the first to be born in captivity in the UK. We are delighted."

The babies are now about a foot long. Males grow to about 4ft and females about 3ft.


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