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Last Updated: Friday, 26 December, 2003, 16:24 GMT
DIY test for spiked drinks
Clubgoers are advised not to leave drinks unattended
A company in Essex is offering a do-it-yourself test kit for traces of "date-rape" drugs in drinks.

The test card, marketed by Tetra Scene of Crime in Billericay, contains a chemical which reacts to Ketamine and GHB, which police say are the most commonly used drugs.

If it turns blue, the drink is spiked.

Adrian Jones, who works for Tetra, said the test is not yet 100% accurate, but he added: "We are working on further tests that hopefully will be."

Gary Stewart, who owns a wine bar in Billericay, told BBC Look East he thinks the test idea is "absolutely fantastic".

"Within the industry, (spiked drinks) have become an ever-increasing problem. For people who go clubbing, especially, the test is a wonderful idea."

The cards have been used by Essex Police and eight other forces, but they have now been offered for sale to the general public at 6.50 per pack.

Testing aside, police said their best advice for clubgoers who worry about the possibility of someone spiking their drinks with drugs is to buy another drink if a beverage is left unattended.

"Date-rape" drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB - a liquid ecstasy - can cause victims to lose their memory.

In November, police posing as nightclub glass collectors found eight empty glasses out of 200 in a Chelmsford night spot had been spiked.

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