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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 December, 2003, 15:06 GMT
Teachers lured by chocolate ploy
Chocolate cake
The chocolate element lured in 80% more applicants
An Essex school which advertised for a new teacher who "must like chocolate" has seen a huge hike in applications for the job.

Governors at Marshalls Park Comprehensive School in Romford found they were struggling to fill the post of head of English.

Then the school hit on the ploy of playing the sweet tooth card to tempt more prospective candidates to apply.

The chocolate element lured in 80% more applicants.

The school's head teacher, Cedric Hendricks, said it was worth making the newspaper advertisement irresistible.

'Sense of humour'

"One reason was to get ourselves noticed because there are a lots of adverts, particularly in the English area of the Times Educational Supplement," he said.

But he also hoped the attention-grabbing ad would attract someone with a "bit of a sense of humour".

"At the end of the day academic qualifications are one thing but we are also looking for people who will make a difference in the classroom."



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