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Hall plan for nuclear bunker
Mistley Secret Bunker
The Mistley Secret Bunker was used as a visitor centre
A former nuclear bunker could get a new lease of life as a community hall serving residents in nearby villages.

The Mistley Secret Bunker near Manningtree on the Essex-Suffolk border is for sale priced at 275,000.

It was built in 1951 during the cold war, bought in 1963 by Essex County Council and would have been the authority's command centre in the event of a nuclear attack.

But since the end of the cold war, the nuclear bunker has been decommissioned and was opened to the public as a visitor centre.

Perfect for local people

Now the bunker is back on the market and the residents of Stour Valley have plans to turn it into a community hall.

Barry Herd, from the Stour Valley Market Towns Partnership which has launched a plan to buy the building, said the bunker would be perfect to meet the needs of local people.

The building is set half above and half below ground and is a maze of rooms and passageways with walls three feet thick.

It was originally built for the military but was sold 12 years later.

The bunker is now for sale through Edward Symmons & Partners.

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