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German mine found in Portland Harbour

Mine found in Portland Harbour
The parachute mine will be disposed of outside the harbour on Wednesday

A German World War II mine has been found on the seabed in the middle of Portland Harbour in Dorset.

Coastguards said a survey vessel located the "huge" device with sonar equipment during a routine shoreline survey earlier.

The one-tonne parachute mine was lifted from the bottom but the crew carefully replaced it once they realised the danger it posed, a spokesman said.

Bomb exposal experts from Plymouth have been called to the scene.

They have identified a safe area of deeper water, south east of the harbour, where the mine will be disposed of on Wednesday.

Shipping warnings

The mine will be towed to the area later, once divers have identified a specific site within it for the disposal.

Dorset Police have been informed and will set up an exclusion zone when this takes place on Wednesday.

Portland Coastguard said it will broadcast warnings to shipping to steer clear of the area prior to its removal.

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