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Estate in fear at animal killings

A spate of deliberate animal killings on a Dorset estate has made life there like "living in a Mad Max movie", one resident has said.

Asher Nardone, 39, who lives in Grange Gardens on the Bourne Estate in Rossmore, Poole, said newcomers had been intimidated by youths for years.

On Sunday, resident Denis Hamon, of Milborne Crescent, found wild rabbits dissected and smeared over his car.

Dorset Police said it shared residents' "revulsion" and was investigating.

Ms Nardone told BBC News the youths, aged 14 to 17, "work as a clan, they're all relatives and cousins of each other".

Last week I saw a youth riding a bike carrying a dead rabbit, swinging it around. It's like living in a Mad Max movie
Asher Nardone

"Anyone new coming in is not accepted."

She said that within three weeks of moving to the estate three years ago she had had youths stealing from her and a brick had been thrown through her window.

She recently saw a pet guinea pig with its eyes "popped out" down an alleyway by her house.

Another woman moved out after only three months after a strangled cat was put on her doorway, she said.

"They think nothing of it - last week I saw a youth riding a bike carrying a dead rabbit, swinging it around. It's like living in a Mad Max movie. We've told police," she said.

Ms Nardone has had CCTV installed, carries a panic alarm, has had her letterbox sealed down, her windows laminated and has put bars on her disabled son's bedroom window so she can open it at night.

She said she had written to the Chief Constable of Dorset Police, MPs, and the Home Office but said nothing had been done.

'Life made hell'

She added she believed lots of residents were too terrified to join her in making a stand.

"Anyone who stands up to these people, if you challenge them then your life will be made hell."

Dorset Police said it was "most concerned about these events and we are currently investigating a number of other complaints of a similar nature in this area".

"The Safer Neighbourhood Team is aware of a group of youths who are engaged in such activities and action on a number of fronts is in progress.

"The public need to be aware that we share their revulsion and will be working to enforce the law where we can and also with our partners to produce some longer term solutions."

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