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Rail rescue teenagers win praise
Floral tribute at Hamworthy railway station
The teenagers were paying tribute to a friend at Hamworthy Station
Two teenagers have been recommended for a bravery award after rescuing a man from the railway line where their friend had died just a week earlier.

Daniel Dixon, 17, and Charlotte Doe, 16, were at Hamworthy Station, Dorset, to pay tribute to Cayde Greenslade, who fell onto tracks on 1 July.

The 50-year-old man was spotted on the line by Daniel, an apprentice engineer, and moved to safety.

Fire officers have now praised the teenagers for saving the man's life.

I thought if there was a chance the man could live I didn't want him getting run over by a train
Daniel Dixon

Daniel and Charlotte, both from Upton, Poole, have been put forward for the Chief Fire Officer's Bravery Commendation.

Daniel ran through the station's underpass to get to the man, from Poole, who was lying between the rails on Sunday, 8 July.

He said: "At first I thought he must be working on the tracks, but then I saw blue and white sparks coming off him.

"Then he rolled off the electric bit, sat up and then fell back between the tracks.

"I just ran as quick as I could and pulled him off the tracks and put him in the recovery position."

Second nature

Charlotte called the emergency services and helped administer first aid by following their advice until the fire service arrived.

Daniel said his reaction came as "second nature" at the time, but with hindsight he realised it was quite brave.

"I thought if there was a chance the man could live I didn't want him getting run over by a train," he said.

"Looking back I was so close to the electric line, but I didn't think I was being brave at the time."

Their actions prevented a second death in the same month at the Dorset station where their school friend, 16-year-old Cayde Greenslade, was killed when he fell on a live railway line during a play-fight with friends.

Tim Spring, duty fire officer from Hamworthy Fire Station, has said: "I am absolutely certain they saved the man's life and have put them forward for a commendation for people who put themselves in danger to help others.

"They were very sensible. They didn't touch the man all the time he was in contact with the live rail.

"Had he still been in contact with the live rail they would have been killed, and the man would have been already dead.

"They saved him from being run over by a train."

The man was taken to Poole Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. He was moved to a mental health unit the following day.


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