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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 March 2007, 16:13 GMT 17:13 UK
Residents stumped by felling joke
Residents were outraged at a pre-April Fool's Day hoax that announced ancient trees would be felled and replaced by telephone masts in a Dorset town.

Locals complained after seeing fake planning notices bearing the West Dorset District Council logo on much-loved trees in Bridport.

The forms announced that a telephone company had applied for permission to fell all local trees.

The deadline for public comments on the scheme was stated as 1 April.

The notices apparently bore the signature of John Greenslade, the council's development control manager.

Mr Greenslade said: "These notices are a hoax. There has been no planning application.

"We sometimes get this sort of thing around April 1 and we hope that this April fool has not caused local people too much concern," he said.

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