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Jilted bride stages wedding party
A jilted bride, who went ahead with her wedding party despite being let down two weeks before her big day, is appealing for someone to buy her dress.

Ema Knight, 41, of Portland, Dorset, was due to marry Paul Fox in April last year, but he told her he had "cold feet" at the last minute.

Friends and family celebrated Ms Knight's "unwedding", as she wanted "to make the best out of a bad thing".

Ms Knight has made a wedding list of unused items she now hopes to sell.

The 'unwedding'

Ms Knight told BBC News she decided to go ahead with what would have been her fairy-tale wedding, costing almost 15,000, despite the lack of a bridegroom.

"I just thought I had to - so much money had gone in the bin anyway," she said.

"It was just trying to make the best out of a bad thing.

"Friends had paid to come down, so I just gave everyone an opportunity to put their dresses on and have a bit of a holiday. But we called it 'the unwedding'."

Ms Knight said that her dog, Dennis, who was her pageboy, went on honeymoon with her.

She added that Mr Fox turned up at the wedding reception celebrations, held in Ms Knight's local pub, but only stayed for a couple of hours.

Jilted bride needs to sell her frock
Newspaper advert

Ms Knight has already held car boot sales but wants to sell remaining items she bought for the marriage, including a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, before she moves house in a few weeks time.

She told BBC News she put an advert in her local paper entitled, 'Jilted bride needs to sell her frock'.

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