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Play-fight boy dies on rail line
Floral tribute at Hamworthy railway station
Floral tributes were placed at Hamworthy station
A teenager was killed when he fell on a live railway line during a play-fight with friends, police have said.

Cayde Greenslade, 16, was electrocuted in the incident near Hamworthy station, Dorset, on Sunday afternoon.

British Transport Police (BTP) said his death was not suspicious and was a "terrible accident".

"It would seem the youth was with a group of about six youths who were play-fighting in the lead-up to the incident," a BTP spokeswoman said.

Floral tributes

"The youth tripped and fell on the live rail and was electrocuted.

"Whilst this is a terrible accident, it highlights the dangers associated with the railways.

"There are 750 volts of electricity going through the live rail, which in this instance proved fatal."

BTP were called to the railway line at 1722 BST and the youth, who was also known as Cayde Palmer, was declared dead at the scene.

Officers are preparing a report for the coroner.

Dozens of floral tributes to the teenager, from Hamworthy, near Poole, have been placed at the station.

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