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Film warns about binge drinking
Mako Harriott
The film is designed to make young people think before binge drinking
A group of teenagers in Dorset have made a film to warn others about the dangers of binge drinking.

The short movie will be shown to school children in Weymouth in the hope they will respond to seeing people their own age discuss the issue.

The youngsters involved in producing the piece all had first-hand experience of the consequences of excess drinking.

Mark Foy, one of the actors, said he hoped the film would help teenagers think before they drink too much.

Mako Harriott, also in the film, told BBC News: "Everyone's going to try drink at some point, but it's just stupid some of the stuff you can get yourself into under the influence of alcohol."

Christine McIntyre, producer, said: "It's very powerful, it's just a great way to actually get kids involved and get them addressing issues.

"They very often don't even realise they've addressed it, they've just done it through taking part."

Excessive drinking by young people led to a 20% rise in hospital admissions in England over the last five years, according to a BBC investigation last year.

Children make film about binge drinking

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