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Adventurer fears wild dog attack
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis hopes to complete his expedition next summer
An adventurer attempting a human-powered round-the-world trip is relying on tasty sausages to make sure he completes the journey.

Jason Lewis from Bridport, Dorset, says he will use the treats to prevent wild dogs in Tibet from attacking him.

Mr Lewis has ridden 3,440 miles (5,536km) of the 7,000-mile (11,265km) Singapore-Mumbai section of his trip.

He says the animals, mastiff-type guard dogs allowed to run wild, will be one of the biggest hazards he faces.

The biggest risk is going to be from packs of wild dogs
Jason Lewis

In all, Mr Lewis has clocked up more than 38,000 miles (61,155km) since his muscle- powered marathon began at the Greenwich Meridian in London 12 years ago.

He has also used his wooden pedal boat Moksha to cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

As he cycled to Lhasa in Tibet, Mr Lewis said there were a number of potential dangers, including landslides, but "the biggest risk is going to be from packs of wild dogs".

He said that his "ultimate secret weapon" in the event of attack was a Chinese sausage, which he would give to the dogs as he made his escape.

His Expedition 360 is expected to be completed by summer next year, with the final leg to include a 2,200-mile (3,540km) pedal boat crossing of the Indian Ocean from Mumbai to Djibouti on the horn of Africa.

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