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Rejected baby monkey 'doing well'
Julio the woolly monkey (pic courtesy of Monkey World)
Julio will have to learn how to walk (pic courtesy of Monkey World)
A baby woolly monkey abandoned by its mother immediately after birth is "doing well" while being hand-reared at a Dorset rescue centre.

Fifty-day-old Julio was found in his father's arms soon after he was born at the Monkey World sanctuary, near Wareham, on 31 March.

Dr Alison Cronin, who runs the centre, said if Julio had been left for just half an hour he would have died.

She said Julio was teething and learning to walk as expected.

Dr Cronin, who comforts Julio by making woolly monkey noises, told the BBC News website: "He's doing fine - he's sitting in my lap right now.

"He's actually teething and just getting the last couple of molars in."

He is also learning to stand up - that's the new thing - and he's very chatty
Dr Alison Cronin

She said monkeys had the same issues as human babies when in came to teething.

"He's off his food a little bit and isn't quite himself.

"But he is also learning to stand up - that's the new thing - and he's very chatty."

She added he was now wearing nappies donated from the premature baby unit at Poole Hospital.

Julio will have to learn how to walk and feed himself unaided before he can re-join one of two woolly monkey groups at the sanctuary in about two months' time.

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