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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2006, 06:45 GMT 07:45 UK
Girl plans 'agony infant' TV show
Libby Rees
Libby Rees wrote her first book when she was just nine years old
A schoolgirl who wrote a book for children about how to cope with their parents' divorce when she was just nine is helping to develop her own TV show.

Libby Rees, now 10, wrote the book Help, Hope and Happiness, last year.

The self-help guide outlined the strategies she used to cope when her mother and father separated three and a half years ago.

Libby, from Ringwood, Hampshire, has now signed a development contract with TV production company Redback Films.

To have a TV show would be a bit surreal
Libby Rees

One idea in development is a weekly half-hour show hosted by the primary school pupil dealing with issues affecting children.

The show, under the working title Ask Libby, has not been commissioned yet and is still in the early stages.

Libby's mother, Kathryn Loughnan, said her daughter's "agony infant" skills led to the contract with the production company.

Ms Loughnan, who works with special needs children, added: "They felt with Libby's book she would be perfect as a host for that genre of programme.

"They thought that because she has these thinking skills that maybe she can offer advice as a sort of agony infant."

Libby said: "I just thought that it was amazing enough to have a book but to have a TV show would be a bit surreal."




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