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Baby orang-utan's flight upgraded
Joly the orang-utan
Joly was rejected by her mother when she was born at Moscow Zoo
An eight-month-old baby orang-utan has arrived at a rescue centre for primates after being flown into the UK from Russia inside the passenger cabin.

Joly was brought over from Moscow Zoo on Saturday to take up residence at Monkey World, near Wool, Dorset.

There are only about 30,000 orang-utans left in the world.

She will be spending the next few years in the centre's crèche for orphaned orang-utans with her adopted sister and brother, Hsiao-ning and Aris.

Animals being transported by air would normally be carried in the cargo hold, but the government issued a special permission for Joly to travel inside the passenger cabin with her keeper.

Joly and her keeper on the plane (courtesy of Monkey World)
Joly was given special permission to travel inside the passenger cabin

The baby ape was born at Moscow Zoo but rejected by her mother. Staff are now hoping that another female orang-utan at the centre, eleven-year-old A-mei, will adopt her.

Alison Cronin, who owns and runs the centre with husband Jim, said: "We were really pleased because it took quite an organisational feat to get permission for Joly to travel in the cabin.

"She is only eight months old. It would have been ridiculous to try and put her in a box and put her in the cargo hold.

"She is just a tiny baby, she can't even feed herself.

"Orang-utans have probably the longest childhood of any of the non-human primates so she's going to be growing up in here with her [adopted] siblings for a number of years now."

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