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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 August 2005, 06:36 GMT 07:36 UK
Burst boat trio trapped on rocks
Durdle Door
Durdle Door is one of Dorset's most recognisable landmarks
A father and two young boys were found trapped on a cliff ledge when the inflatable dinghies they were in burst after they were blown onto rocks.

The father had gone to look for his son and another boy when their boat drifted offshore from the beach at Durdle Door, Dorset, on Wednesday afternoon.

His wife raised the alarm when he too did not return, and a lifeboat found the trio clinging to the rocks.

The children were said to be suffering from shock and cuts and bruises.

Portland Coastguard Acting Watch Manager Steve Williams said: "These toys can blow out to sea incredibly quickly even with light offshore breezes.

"To be safe, you must tie inflatables and lilos to an adult on the shore."

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