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Bendiest roads in the UK revealed
Rural Dorset
Most of the bendiest roads in the UK are in rural areas
Britain's bendiest roads - where drivers can face the same gravitational forces as on a rollercoaster or race track - have been named.

Most are minor country roads in hilly areas, although in sixth place was the A157 in Lincolnshire - a county generally thought of as flat.

A mile-long stretch of the B3081, between Cann Common in Dorset and Tollard Royal, Wiltshire, came out top.

One part of the road is called the Zig Zag Hill.

Top 10 bendy roads in Britain
B3081- Cann Common to Tollard Royal, Dorset/Wiltshire
A686 - Penrith to Melmerby, Cumbria
A537 - Macclesfield to Buxton, Cheshire/Derbyshire
A466 - Monmouth and Staunton, Monmouth
A4061 - Pricetown and Treorchy, Rhondda, Wales
A157 - Louth to Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
B2130 - Godalming to Cranleigh, Surrey
B6270 - Keld and Reeth, North Yorkshire
A39 - Bridgwater to Minehead, Somerset
B797 - Mennock to Warnlockhead, Dumfries and Galloway
Source: Continental Tyres

Last month, the B3081 was criticised after a study by Dorset County Council showed that 54% of the road's surface was of "poor quality".

The study, which was carried out by Continental Tyres, found that by driving at 30mph on the road the driver would experience the same lateral forces as he or she would while driving around Brands Hatch or on a rollercoaster.

Tracey Hyem of Continental Tyres said: "At 30mph in an average family hatchback, some British roads are so bendy they exert the kind of forces you would expect on a racetrack."

A selection of your comments, and suggestions of other bendy roads, appears below.

I can't say I've driven/ridden all the roads in the UK, but I have been on zig zag hill, part of the bendiest road mentioned here, and I must say that they are probably right. Not only is it a section of 5 or 6 switch-back hairpins but it is also on a steep slope. I've done many parts of Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, all mentioned above but nothing as severe as zig zag.
Neil, Wiltshire

I live in East Anglia. I haven't seen a bend for months!
Lee Maguire, Newmarket

How about the A57 Snake Pass? Surely the name speaks for its self!!
Jeff, Manchester, England.

The road through Cheddar Gorge in Somerset is wonderfully bendy and much longer than Zig Zag Hill, plus you get the added advantage of some spectacular scenery.
Mike Belch, Cheddar, Somerset

Try the hill road over to Applecross in the western highlands.
Tom, Loughborough, Leicestershire

"At 30mph... some British roads are so bendy they exert the kind of forces you would expect on a racetrack." So slow down then! I give up.
Stuart, York, England

The B2150 from Denmead to Droxford has a great series of dips and bends, looks boring on the map but is a drivers' delight! The Morestead road from Corhampton to Winchester offers a similarly spirited drive.
Mark Collings, Portsmouth, Hants

We can look forward to the day when the EEC moves its attention from straightening our bananas to straightening our roads.
Adrian Butlin, Conwy

As I ride a motorbike my idea of heaven is a good twisty section of road; it's FUN. All you have to do is ride within your limits and respect other road users - these type of roads are even fun in a car if you are prepared to drive with care. If you don't like twists and turns go and live in the U.S.A...
R Clynes, Manchester

The A4074 out of Reading isn't called locally the "Seven Bends of Death" for nothing!
Warren Swaine, Reading, UK

You want bendy roads, try the North Wales road leading off of the A470 at Bronaber leading to Llanuwchllyn on the A494, it's 11 miles of absolute hell, bends on the level, bends on 1 in 6 corners and climbing up over a mountain and down the other side, plus 7 cattle gates and grids. What a road.
Brian G Wills, Holyhead, Anglesey

What about the M25? It's one never ending bend, there are always accidents on it and can take hours to travel a few miles.
Paul Margram, Worthing, Sussex

The A9 towards Thurso and Wick near Helmsdale goes up, down and around the Braes and if you miss the hairpin bends then it is a 500 ft drop to the sea!!!
Shane, Dundee, Scotland

The B2145 Selsey to Chichester has over 50 bends in it in a 7-mile stretch. It is very bendy!!
Philip Keeler, Selsey, West Sussex, England

I went on a road in Cornwall that had a mirror on the bend. Only problem was I had to avoid a car coming straight at me which turned out to be myself. Mad idea and even more confusing of a night. Cornwall is one big winding road.
Martyn James Fraser, Liverpool

There is a hairpin bend on the A259 at Winchelsea. It is also on a hill.
Helena, Hastings, Sussex

The A83 which goes down the side of Loch Long from Arrochar towards Potincaple and Gareloch Head. It follows the contours of the mountains and is not so much bendy but up and down constantly, making your tummy turn over repeatedly - loved it as a kid!
Katrina, Dunbartonshire, Argyll and Bute

Try Matchams Lane, from Ringwood to near Bournemouth, parallel to the A338 - twists, turns, bumps and dips - it's a motorcyclist's delight...
Kevin Patrick, Bournemouth

No doubt our nanny state will straighten out all these 'bad' roads to keep us safe! There's no such thing as a 'too bendy' road, there's only inappropriate speed for the conditions.
Paul Wells, Chepstow, Wales

The A539 Whitchurch, Shrops, to Overton nr. Wrexham must be the windiest road ever. For an A road some bends need a speed of under 20mph.
Ed H, Cheshire, UK

We have a road between Ashchurch nr Tewkesbury that joins the A435 Evesham to Cheltenham road that is titled "Seven Bends Lane". It's only two miles long but its name is well deserved!
Brian Cosgrove, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

My theory is that republics have straighter (and possibly safer) roads. Why? To straighten out a road the local authorities need to purchase a few yards of land on either side of a road. Who ever heard of a lord or a sir being served a compulsory purchase order?
Karen, Kent

What on earth is wrong with bendy roads? They're fun! Or does the safety lobby now feel that the British driver is no longer capable of the challenge in their fluffy, sterile nanny state?
Robert Cameron, Rochdale

We have a stretch of road, out between Corby and Oundle. It's called locally "The Benefield Bends" after one of the villages at one end. It's only about a mile long, but is one of the tightest set of bends I've ever seen. Local bikers take their new bikes out along that stretch to see how they'll perform round the twisties and bike magazines have used it for 'action shots' of bikes going round corners.
Glenn Willis, Kettering, Northants

The A82 between Invermoriston and Drumnadrochit. There is a car sickening turn every 200 yards.
Ken Dalley, Spean bridge, Scotland

The A372 in Somerset between Othery and Aller has a section known as "seven bends", which is a sequence of sharp alternating left and right hand bends. Surprisingly, there appears to be no reason for the road to have any bends at all as the countryside in this area is completely flat! This section of road is considerably more twisty, albeit much shorter, than the A39 Bridgwater to Minehead stretch listed in the survey.
Roger, Bridgwater, Somerset

Continental Tyres should have made more of their way around mid-Wales. They obviously didn't, as throughout the Cambrian Mountains, roads don't get much bendier. You certainly wouldn't have done 30mph anywhere, for long!
John, Aberystwyth, Wales

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