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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 July, 2005, 07:39 GMT 08:39 UK
Muslims threatened after bombings
Imam Majid Yasin
Imam Yasin said he was worried over the safety of his family
Death threats made to members of a Muslim community in Dorset are being investigated by police.

Imam Majid Yasin from the Bournemouth Islamic Centre told the BBC that he had received three death threats since the bombings in London.

One caller to the centre left the message: "We're going to get you - we'll slit your throat, we'll slit your family's throats."

Dorset Police confirmed that the threats were being investigated.

They can't go out, it's like a prison
Imam Majid Yasin

Imam Yasin said: "We're still worried actually about our children, our families, our wives, because now they are sitting in the house.

"They can't go out, it's like a prison.

"I ask all the media - do not make the connection between Islam and the terrorists.

"We are against the terrorists, we are against the criminal - anything that is bad for anybody."

We are investigating this very seriously
Supt Nick Hazleton

Following the attacks on New York in 2001 the centre received hate calls for more than a year and paint was thrown at the mosque.

Supt Nick Hazleton said: "We are investigating this very seriously. We would do anyway irrespective of whether the bombings had happened or not."

The threats are being condemned by other religious leaders in the town.

Father Tony Pennicott, Catholic Dean of Bournemouth, said: "This kind of extreme behaviour simply polarises communities and makes things worse.

"I urge people to be restrained and thoughtful and do only what is likely to increase understanding, goodwill and respect between different races and religions."

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