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Kitten survives car nap injuries
Vet Paul Cossey, Black Jack and her owner Paul Jones
Owner Paul Jones (right) was shocked to hear about his cat's nap
A kitten has survived horrific injuries after getting caught in the fan belt of a car.

Black Jack had curled up to sleep under the bonnet of her neighbour's car in Poole, Dorset, in November last year.

When the unsuspecting driver started the engine in the morning most of her lower abdomen got caught.

The seven-month-old cat was rushed to the vet and underwent a series of operations and had about 80 stitches, spending eight days in intensive care.

Apart from her abdominal injuries, Black Jack's Achilles tendon was also severed and she lost a considerable amount of muscle tissue.

She was cared for by the PDSA PetAid hospital in Bournemouth, before being allowed home.

Her owner Paul Jones said: "Black Jack had escaped from the house and we were looking for her everywhere.

Black Jack and the fan belt
Black Jack was horrifically injured when she was caught in the fan belt

"I was really shocked when my neighbour told me he had found her under the bonnet of his car."

Paul Cossey, a vet at the PDSA surgery, added: "We have also seen another similar case recently of a cat which lost its tail after getting caught in a car fan belt while asleep under the bonnet.

"These were very unfortunate accidents. In both cases the car drivers turned off their engines immediately when they realised there was a problem, and the pets were brought to us for treatment straight away.

"Most cat owners know that their feline friends love nothing more that curling up in a warm dry corner, usually at home.

"Sometimes rather than coming indoors, cats will be tempted by a warm spot outside instead such as a warm car bonnet."

Mr Cossey urged drivers to be extra vigilant and check under their car bonnet before starting their engine to make sure no cats have found their way in there.

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