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Last Updated: Friday, 16 December 2005, 07:57 GMT
Shops set for partial reopening
Castlepoint Centre
The centre was closed over concerns about the car park's safety
Many of the stores at a Dorset shopping centre that closed over safety fears will not reopen on Tuesday as hoped.

Eastern gallery shops will not open at the Castlepoint Centre, which was shut on 1 December over worries that the concrete in the car park was unsafe.

But 1,000 parking spaces - a third of the total - will be available at the 200m centre in Bournemouth.

A centre spokesman said the spaces would undergo "stringent" health and safety checks before opening.

He added: "Following extensive consultations with Bournemouth council, the police and emergency services, and in seeking to address their concerns, Castlepoint management have concluded that some stores will not be able to open on 20 December."

The spokesman also urged visitors to the centre not to park in local side streets.

Bournemouth Borough Council has already expressed concerns that there could be traffic problems if the centre is opened without all 2,975 car park spaces available.

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