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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 06:53 GMT
Girl aged 10 pens self-help guide
Libby Rees
Libby Rees wrote the guide when she was nine years old
A girl has signed a publishing deal after writing a self-help guide when she was nine years old to cope with her parents' break up.

Libby Rees, now 10, of Ringwood, Hampshire, wrote 60 pages on how she dealt with her mother and father splitting up.

Libby sent copies to several publishers and a firm got in touch the next day.

Aultbea Publishing will produce Help, Hope and Happiness and has also commissioned two more books from Libby.

The book contains useful tips on dealing with sad situations, such as: "Take a break: try to find some time to be alone.

"Enjoy a favourite film or book. This will give you some valuable time off from worrying, also it will help you relax. When you have had a decent break you will feel happier, more refreshed and able to cope with any problems you may have."

She also says that people should try to look at the positive side of things.

Her book says: "Try looking in the mirror, first thing in the morning and say out loud to yourself 'I am better and better every day!' five times.

"Trust me, I've done it and you really will start to feel more positive about your life."

Libby's mother, Kathryn Loughnan, said: "We had been out for a walk in the forest and we had been having a chat.

"She was just saying that every time she threw a stick for the dog she was throwing away something that irritated her.

'Reality check'

"We didn't really take it seriously at first but she went away, wrote her list and then came back and said she wanted to use the computer," she continued.

"Quite often if you don't seize the moment you lose it so I went away and did some housework and she got started."

Ms Loughnan said the pair had gone to Scotland to sign a deal.

"It just was so surreal that we had to do a reality check," she said.

She added that some money from the sale of the book will go to Save The Children.

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