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Last Updated: Monday, 14 November 2005, 15:19 GMT
Tory plans worthless to car thief
A thief who stole plans for David Cameron's Conservative leadership campaign from an MP's car threw the documents away moments later.

Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood was parked at Hengistbury Head in Dorset on Friday when the thief smashed the back window of his Mercedes.

He ran off with the MP's computer bag containing the Cameron battle plan.

But the bag was thrown out of a car after the thief decided the paperwork was worthless, Mr Ellwood said.

He explained: "I'm heading up locally the David Cameron campaign for Dorset and Hampshire. The battle plan was in there along with all the information that we require to run the local campaign.

"I briefly toyed with the idea of having to explain myself to David Cameron but luckily when the thief realised there was nothing that he considered as worthy in there, the bag was thrown out of a car about a mile away."

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