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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 07:38 GMT
'Unsafe' seafront pier to close
Boscombe Pier
Boscombe pier will reopen in the spring of 2007
A seafront pier is being closed over concerns it has become unsafe.

Boscombe Pier, in Bournemouth, will shut to the public on Monday, 31 October, and will not reopen until the spring of 2007.

The council says the boardwalk wood and joists are rotten in many places and some barriers are loose.

In September, plans for an 8m development of Boscombe seafront, which will include a renovation of the pier, were agreed.

Councillor Rob Copeland said: "We were due to start work this month on the redevelopment of Boscombe seafront.

"If it wasn't for the protracted delays around the Boscombe regeneration planning application, the pier would only have been closed for this work, this winter.

"Now, delays have put us back a year and so it will definitely be closed throughout next summer, which is an immense shame, but we have to put the safety of people first."


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